In the scissor-sharp arena of Beverly Hills hair salons, the name Umberto reigns supreme.  For over three decades, Umberto Savone has developed a reputation of sustained excellence.

His keen eye for anticipating the latest trends is one reason his hairstyles have graced the heads of the world’s most glamorous women.  But it’s his genuine appreciation for the art of haircutting that puts even the most reluctant client at ease.

“People are really terrified, threatened by their hair- It’s unbelievable!   You can do anything with hair.  You can bend it, curl it, straighten it, change the color.  All you need is a great haircut and a beautiful color.  Hair is a woman’s most versatile accessory.  Women are afraid to make a change, and they shouldn’t be.  It’s fantastic what a great hairstyle can do for your ego.”

Nothing excites Umberto more than seeing his clients on the streets of Beverly Hills days after their appointment- and they’ve been able to recreate the style they left the salon with.  

Known as a master cutter, Umberto also takes pride in having an encyclopedic knowledge of the chemistry of hair products and processes. Today, women everywhere can experience the Umberto magic.  With his Salons as the ultimate laboratory, Umberto has created the Umberto Beverly Hills line of professional quality hair care products to give women (and men) exactly what they need to style and maintain beautiful hair. Formulated by Umberto of the richest ingredients, tested by his team of stylists and used by the most glamorous women in the world, the Umberto Beverly Hills line of professional series products is available exclusively at Target and the Umberto Beverly Hills Salons.




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